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How 5G﹢AGV robots build a "dark factory?"

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Update time : 2021-10-13 10:54:06

Toputel 5G industrial router accelerates Textile manufacturing intelligent upgrading
Project Background:
Under the wave of "new infrastructure", the digital economy is rising rapidly. New technologies represented by artificial intelligence are having a huge impact on the production and operation process. Automated robots can perform trivial and repetitive tasks, allowing workers to free up more time to engage in more valuable work. As a traditional advantageous industry in Xinxiang, Henan, the textile and garment industry is relying on the "new" technology to realize the transformation of the green and intelligent "whole industry chain" development model
  Toputel 5G industrial router help Xinxiang upgrades green smart textile industry by new technology
Customer Requirements

Through the stable and high-speed industrial-grade 5G router, the 5G network's high bandwidth, ultra-low delay, high transmission rate, no dead angle coverage, and high synergy are used to realize 5G+AVG real-time communication. Combined with AI autopilot technology, real-time changes in automatic transportation speeds and on-demand adjustment of transportation routes are realized, thereby improving the production efficiency of workshop operations.

Toputel 5G industrial router for smart textile industry
Toputel 5G industrial router
In the filament workshop of Xinxiang Chemical Fiber, 122 pieces textile machines continuously "spit out" spinning rolls one by one, and the entire production process does not require manual operation for the subsequent transportation, sorting, and packing. The 6 pieces 5G+AGV handling robots that have received instructions can move freely in the workshop according to a pre-set route. When the doffing car is fully loaded, move the doffing car to the designated position quickly and orderly. From doffing to AGV wire transport to detection and automatic storage are all intelligent. Due to the fast transmission rate of 5G, the handling efficiency of the robot is increased by at least 20%. From doffing to AGV handling robot transportation to detection, automatic storage, etc. are all intelligent. Due to the fast transmission rate of 5G, the handling efficiency of the robot is increased by at least 20%
5G+AGV handling robots will become an important ways for textile companies and industries to achieve structural adjustment and digital transformation and upgrading.It not only relieves the pressure caused by rising labor costs, but also improves production efficiency, reduces time costs, improves product quality, and reduces carbon emissions, thereby increasing profitability and opening a new chapter in the "dark factory".

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