Toputel GPON/EPON Optical Network Terminal ONT1841-W5

4GE+1VoIP+WiFi5+2USB, 802.11AC WiFi5 1200Mbps
chipset: ZX279128S, 1Gbit DDR, 1Gbit Flash, DC:SY8113BADC
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Technical Specification
Model ONT1842-W5 ONT1841-W5 ONT1821-W5 ONT1841-W4 ONT1821-W4
service Data * Auto-negotiation and MDI/MDIX auto-sensing
* Built-in layer-2 switch
* Advanced data features such as VLAN tag manipulation, classification, and filtering
* Built-in layer-3 routing and residential gateway
* 2.4GHz 300Mbps or with 5GHz 867Mbps WLAN interface           * 1 or 2 USB
Video Supports video contents delivered in the form of data (by multicast or unicast)
Voice Can optionally be delivered with two POTS interface port for carrier-grade voice services,supporting:
* Multiple voice codec                     * Echo Cancelling, VAD, CNG      
* Supporting static or dynamic jitter buffer      * MEGACO v2 (H.248)
* Various CLASS services * Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Call Transfer, etc.SIP (RFC3261)
To enable VoIP access, the HX8141N ONT also supports interfacing external IAD box or Home Router with voice capability through the Ethernet Interface.
Fixed port 4*GE,2*VOIP,2*USB 4*GE,1*VOIP,2*USB 2*GE,1*VOIP,2*USB 4*GE,1*VOIP,1*USB 2*GE,1*VOIP,1*USB
WIFI 2.4G 300Mbps
5G  867Mbps /
802.11 b/g/n, external Antennas
Optical spec. Working wavelength PON:TX1310,RX1490 (nm);
The light emitting power 1~ +4(GPON) (dBm)
The light receiving sen. ≥ -27(unit:dBm)
Optical fiber connector PON:SC/UPC  Or SC/APC
GPON Interface
* Compliant with ITU-T G.984 GPON standards;       * BoSA on board optical solution
* 1.244 Gbps Burst Mode Upstream Transmitter;      * 2.488 Gbps Downstream Receiver;
* Compliant with ITU-T G.984.2 Amd1, Class B+;     * Wavelengths: US 1310nm, DS 1490nm;
* Multiple T-CONTs per device;                * Multiple GEM Ports per device;
* Flexible mapping between GEM Ports and T-CONT;        
* Activation with automatic discovered SN and password in conformance with ITU-T G.984.3;
* AES-128 Decryption with key generation and switching;       
* FEC (Forward Error Correction) in both directions;
* DBA reporting by piggyback reports in the DBRu (mode 0 and mode 1);
* Mapping of GEM Ports into a T-CONT with priority queues based scheduling;
* Support Multicast GEM port and incidental broadcast GEM port.
Ethernet Interface * Ethernet port auto negotiation or manual configuration * MDI/MDIX automatically sense
* Virtual switch based on 802.1Q VLAN              * VLAN tagging/detagging per Ethernet port
* Standard compliant OMCI (the embedded operations channel) interface as defined by ITU-T G.988;
* Alarming and performance monitoring;
* Remotely software image download over OMCI, as well as activation and rebooting;
* Hold two software sets with software image integrity checking and automatic rollback;
Chipset  * Chipset:ZX279127S, 1Gbit DDR, 1Gbit Flash      * DC:SY8113BADC
Power Supply AV110~255V→DC12V
1.5A 1A
 * 12V(feed via external AC/DC adapter)   * 2-PIN power adaptor input  *  Dying Gasp support
Operating temp. -5+40°C
Dimension 183*135*39mm 142*115*39mm
Toputel GPON/EPON ONT Application Topology
What is the price?
  • Our prices will be adjusted according to raw material cost and other market factors. Please kindly contact us for the latest price list.
What is your MOQ?
  • No MOQ for sample. Generally, the larger the quantity, better the unit price and freight will be
​​​​​​​What is your Trade terms?
  • Trade terms EXW as default. More trade terms such as FOB, FCA etc for optional. We need to make official export declaration for the goods
Which payment method is accepted?
  • For small batch, customer can order the product from our website directly.
    For big batch, we accept the payment term by T/T. 30% downpayment, and 70% of the balance paid before shipment.
​​​​​​​What's the lead time?
  • Sample order: 5-14 days
  • The bulk order: about  2-4 weeks, depends on the raw material leadtime, especially up to the chipset.
How about the shipment?
  • By Express, such as DHL, Fedex, TNT, UPS, EMS etc
  • By Sea
  • By Air
  • By railway
  • Forwarder
  • We will help to select the most economical way for your reference
What certification you obtained for your products?
  • Some products win approval of CE, ROHS, Weee etc. If you have specific approval requirements, please kindly feel free to contact us.
How long is the product warranty period?
  • Warranty period is 1 year, calculated from the date of delivery. During the warranty period, we will provide replacement parts for free for the product quality problems caused by its own design failure.

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