AP & AC for WLAN
Toputel AC+AP series is an integrated product of enterprise high-performance AC gateway for the "Internet+" era. It is not only a powerful enterprise-level router, but also a professional wireless controller. In addition to providing enterprise customers with functions such as an identity-based in-depth online behavior management system and VPN secure communication, it also innovatively incorporates a variety of security authentication features to provide enterprises with a stable, secure, and easy-to-use WLAN networking solution.
Toputel Commercial WiFi Access Point RG2000-AP600-A & RG2000-AP660

Toputel Commercial WiFi Access Point RG2000-AP600-A & RG2000-AP660

Toputel wireless access point products is a WiFi6 dual-band AP with 1800Mbps high-speed. Available in desktop type, ceiling-mouting typle, in-walll type and other forms to meet the deployment requirements of various customer.
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Toptutel Technology Commercial Wi-Fi6 All-in-one converged Internet Gateway WTN5000

Toptutel Technology Commercial Wi-Fi6 All-in-one converged Internet Gateway WTN5000

This All-in-one converged gateway can centrally manage Fit APs and wireless clients and provide rich service types. With high performance, full convergence, high service integration, high reliability, and high security
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Successful Case

Intelligent distributed feeder automation
The smart power grid is moving toward intelligent distributed feeder automation (FA) to provide power supply stability, fast response to outages, running topology calculations, and fast fault location and isolation. Energy network must realize......
Intelligent Elevator
In recent years, elevator accident happens time by time. there are two main factors for this situation: 1. the lack of regular maintenance, 2,people know less about the principle of elevator construction......
Industrial Manufacturing
industrial automation technology is a comprehensive high technology intergrating control ttheory, instruments and meters, edge computering and real-time communcation technology to realize detection, control and......
Smart Power Grid Monitoring
remote video monitoring system has been widely used in smart power grid monitoring system. The system acquire remote video data and dynamic environment data from transmission lines, towers at all levels and......
Intelligent Healthcare
Difficult and expensive to see a doctor, overcrowding in large hospitals, no one in community hospitals, cumbersome procedures, medical resources polarization, these problems have become an important factor affecting .....
Live Video
Along with the internet developing, live video has gradually become the mainstream expression of the Internet due to the integration of images, text, sound and other rich elements. 4G/5G multi sim cards technology plays a very important......
Smart City Light Control
The landscape lamp is related to the image of a city and is closely integrated with city planning. Traditional landscape light system can not adjust the brightness and color of lights in real time.Its management depends on manual inspections......
Self-service Terminal
With the popularity of self-service equipment such as vending machines, self ticketing equipment, payment terminals and so on, 24 hours unattended self-service terminal achieve significant business volumes......
Intelligent Bus Station
Being part of intelligent transport and smart city, smart bus station platform is a livelihood project benefit cctizen's daily life. an implement task. Electronic station boards at the bus stations display public vehicles arrival information and operation state in real time......
Remote Monitoring for Wind Farm
In order to guarantee the normal operation of the wind turbines, expect to implement preventive maintenance to significantly reducing the fan fault losses, and realize the efficient and reliable equipment data transmission via Ethernet......
Smart Express Delivery Cabinet
With the development of society and the rise of the e-commerce industry, online shopping has become more and more convenient, which has led to the rapid rise of the express delivery industry. With the increasing volume of express business, there are more and more problems in the process of delivery, such as:the community can't get in/out freely, the recipient is not there, the receipt is too slow......
Meteorological Monitoring
The ground network of the traditional meteorological information system is built earlier, and the equipment performance is not good enough, the line speed is low, and the time is prolonged. It is difficult to meet the comprehensive data transmission requirements of automatic stations, sandstorms, radar etc.Satellite network coverage is small, low speed, and small stations can not directly communicate with each other, which limits the network function.